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  Jodhpuri suit   

Nehru jacket

Nehru suit

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Baggy Jodhpurs Indo western Nehru Vest Tuxedo

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Measuring myself  for Jodhpurs(Breeches)

To Ensure Proper Fit :
1. Measure Yourself Just Prior to Placing an Order
2. Fill in all these measurements before ordering
3. If possible, have yourself measured by professional
4. Do not make extra allowances
5. Do not pull Inch Tape too tight.
6. Ensure that you take the measurements at the same places as shown in the 

My Measurements in


Before giving measurement for breeches you must wear a trouser/half pant/Bermuda (not jeans), which you feel, that it is best you have which gives you comfortable feeling and the fitting you want. Then take the exact measurement without allowance for breeches as shown in diagram (photograph) against each measurement. If you are not clear about any measurement then read and follow the respective instruction for that measurement.      

Waist Measurement

        Hips Measurement

Wear the trouser/half pant at comfortable waistline.Measure around your waistline just along the waistband of your trouser/half pant, making sure the tape does not ride over it. Measure to a tightness you would feel comfortable wearing. Measure to the nearest 1/2-inch.

Measure around your hips and buttocks at their widest point. Make sure you don't have anything in your pockets; otherwise you may get a measure which is too large. Measure to the nearest 1/2-inch.

U or Rise Measurement

Front Crochet Measurement

Measure in U shape from front top of the waistband of the trouser/half pant going under the crotch then to the back top of the waistband of the trouser/half pant as shown in complete with two figures from front and back.

First spread the legs little bit then Measure from top of the trouser/half pant  to the point of intersection (crotch) of the two legs of the trouser. This length you can see by making the hand straight open keeping it at right angle to ground and then touching the tip of the index finger at the lowest point of intersection of the trouser and noting the measurement from the tape where top portion of the index finger touches the tape as shown in figure.

Trouser outside Length

Waist to Knee length

Measure the length of your trouser from the top of the waistband down to the bottom of the trouser leg. Measure down the side of your trouser leg seam and remember to measure to the bottom of the required length, even if you intend to have turn-ups. The length should be long enough so that the trouser bottoms touch the shoe all the way around. Measure to the nearest 1/4-inch.

Mark the centre of the knee. Then measure this distance from the top of the waistline of the trouser/half pant along the front as shown in standing position. This is Waist to Knee length measurement

Knee to ankle length


Measure from centre of knee to just below centre of ankle down the side as shown in standing position.

Measure around the widest part of the  knee as shown in standing position

Just 2 inch  below knee center

Just 2 inch above knee center

Measure around this part of the leg just 2 inch below kneecenter  as shown in standing position

Measure around this part of the leg just 2 inch above knee center as shown in standing position

Calf  Measurement

     Ankle Measurement

Measure around shin muscle at the widest part as shown in standing position

Measure across the ankle at the widest part as shown

Special Requirements




  1. Customers must provide full, accurate and legible information in the order form/measurement Chart.

  2. Customs duties and other levies in destination country are responsibility of the customer .

  3. Customers must provide up to 4 weeks for processing and delivery of orders.

  4. While every endeavor has been made to accurately reproduce colours, there may be minor variations in colour of the actual product because of the nature of fabric dyes.

  5. Items offered are subject to availability at the time of placing your order.

  6. All transactions are subject to Jodhpur Jurisdiction only.

  7. Because most items are custom-made, refunds or exchange cannot be entertained.

Note:All our prices are in US$.If you would like to convert the currency from USD to another currency here is the link to a site that allows you to convert the prices easily. http://www.xe.com/ucc/
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